Here's the Story
of Our Place

The Casa Nova complex was built as an inn for Christian pilgrims enroute to Jerusalem who, during the centuries when Jaffa lay in ruins, would camp among the remains of its ancient structures.

In 1654, the Ottoman government gave permission to the Franciscan Order to build a hostel for pilgrims. This inn became the first building in new Jaffa. Later, in the 18th century, the building was renovated and named Casa Nova (New House).

The inn remained in operation until the end of the 19th century, when it fell in to disrepair. But in the last years, Casa Nova’s walls have once again echoed to the sound of hammers and drills.

Today, after extensive renovations, we have opened our doors to accommodate guests who welcome the tranquility and intimate charm of Old Jaffa with its spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea, yet only minutes away from the bustle and sophistication of Tel Aviv.

Our luxury suites await those discerning travelers who want to experience a truly unique accommodation in Israel.

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